Our Vision

“Setting the standards in originality, customer service and product within the recognition industry in Australia.”

Accolades and More is a united and strong team of committed people within the Recognition Industry who are always pushing high performance service and honesty. We will work within our agreed values to make sure that everyone who has any experience with the Accolades and More team will remember us for all the right reasons

Our team will always be able to offer our customers the highest level of service and knowledge in the recognition industry as we have made a commitment to providing our people with an enjoyable working environment and a development to them so they can reach their full potential to strive beyond their own expectations.

Our clients are special people who recognise people within our community for their achievements and therefore deserve a product that is special to their needs as well. We listen to what they want and will customise and provide a product that will help them become part of the special experience of recognition as well.
We will always be able to supply the product our customer deserves. Through our skilled designers we will always be able to provide a solution and customise the product to fit the experience.

“We will always turn that extra corner or kick that pebble over”.